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I didn’t post yesterday, ’cause I was on the road to Chicago for C2E2. Just wanted to let you know that due to the convention I won’t do a real post today either, but there are new KAM pages up, so you should go check those out.

I’ll tell you all about the show later.

Giant Housekeeping

A couple of quick things:

First, an introduction. I’m Michael May. I write for Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6 blog where I have a column called “Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs.” ‘Cause those are the kind of comics I like. Awesome ones. I also have a blog of my own called the Adventureblog and review movies for Flick Attack, because sometimes adventure is too big for just one medium. Also, I write Kill All Monsters!.

Second, a word about this blog. It’s part production-blog, so you’ll see updates about the comic, but Jason and I agree that production blogs can get pretty dull if that’s all they are. That’s why I want to use it as a portal for all things giant: monsters and robots alike. We’ll link to cool art, talk about movies, maybe review some books… If it’s got giant monsters and/or robots in it, it’s fair game.

So, check back often. Better yet, add us to your RSS reader. We’ll be updating regularly and it’s going to be a lot of fun.