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ADF Bulletin: Godzilla Stomp!


*An interview with Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters writers Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh. [Comic Book Resources]


*Trailer for giant-robot animeĀ Evangelion 2.0. [Apple]


*Toy Vault’s coming out with a Godzilla card game in a couple of months called Godzilla Stomp:

In this fast-paced game of citywide destruction, players pick from Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, Battra, or Destroyah, and compete to smash as much of the city as possible. In Godzilla: Stomp!, players choose the ferocity of their attacks from round to round to rack up as much destruction as possible. Attack early to smash a single building or go on a rampage to destroy several at once! Lay waste to the high-value skyscraper, or hope to get a collection of power plants! This lightweight card game includes 42 building cards, 30 monster attack cards, and is ideal for Godzilla gaming on the go. Two to five players can play a speedy game of monster mayhem anytime, anyplace.

[Monster Island News]