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Pacific Rim

It’s not quite Kill All Monsters: The Movie, but it’ll do for now. Guillermo del Toro’s current project is Pacific Rim, a giant-monster movie in which humanity builds “massive, building-sized mechanized suits of armor and high-tech weaponry” to fight humongous creatures.

That’s really where the similarities end though (well, except for one of the pilots’ being a Japanese woman). In Pacific Rim, the battle suits are jointly operated by a pair of pilots through some kind of “shared neural piloting system.” /Film’s description of the movie also talks about “different species” of kaiju, each with their own characteristics. That’s significantly different from Kill All Monsters‘ legion of unique creatures approach.

That’s all for the better though, right? Between del Toro’s directing and Idris Elba’s playing an important role, Pacific Rim sounds awesome. Especially considering this quote from del Toro about making the movie: “It’s the most fun I’ve had in a Hollywood movie. Ever. It should be almost illegal. We are enjoying it so much. We are designing monsters all day long. Gigantic f***ing monsters all day long.” That’s a guy who loves his genre.

The movie’s scheduled to come out on 12 July 2013. /Film’s covering all the details as they’re revealed.