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Durgauthbalavoar, the Ghost Dragon

RPG blogger and “Dungeon Master superstar” (Grant Gould’s words, not his) Michael Mallen has a feature on his This Is My Game blog called “No Assembly Required” in which he provides DMs with a ready-to-use monster for a Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition campaign. Earlier this month, he featured this Ghost Dragon and Art Superstar (my words, not his) Grant Gould illustrated it.

Limited edition Kill All Monsters prints debut at Image Expo

This weekend is the Image Expo and Jason will be there with these nifty, extremely limited edition Kill All Monsters prints. There will also be a color version (I’ll show you that tomorrow), but this is not just a black-and-white print of a color file. Jason personally toned and gray-scaled these, so there are quite a few differences between the two versions.

In addition to matching Jason’s black-and-white work on the actual comic, these are cool because he’s only printing 50 of them. If you’ll be at the Expo, you can find Jason at the New Reliable Press table (#306), which is also the home of Kill All Monsters‘ awesome letterer, Ed Brisson.