Konga: the comic

This is not going to end well.

Go Go Godzilla has the full Konga story from Fantastic Giants #1 and if you’ve seen the movie, there are some interesting changes. In the film, Michael Gough (Alfred from the ’90s Batman films) plays Dr. Charles Decker, a despicable man who uses his giant ape to kill anyone who crosses him, including the boyfriend of a college student Decker has a crush one. Because comics were for kids in 1966, that kind of immoral protagonist wasn’t going to fly, so they changed the doc into a good guy who’s not aware that his fleeting thoughts of violence are causing the ape’s murder spree via “thought transference.”

In the positive column though, the comic shows some awesome details from Decker’s time in Africa where he discovered the giant natives and plants that led to his inventing the growth serum.