Review | Panel Patter

Gonna do a better job at updating this blog with KAM news. I apologize for the radio silence; it’s been a busy summer and early autumn processing Kickstarter rewards. I’m almost done with that though, so I want to get back in the groove of posting here.

Even when it’s just a quick note to say that Rob McMonigal at Panel Patter wrote a nice review of the book. Here’s an excerpt:

May has to cover a lot of expository ground as he and Copland create this world, but I never felt like the story bogged down. We find out a lot by seeing it, thanks to Copland’s panels, and I think the serial nature of its origins as a webcomic forced May to find a way to get across the information in bits and pieces while the overall story kept moving. (There’s nothing worse than a webcomic that bogs down into days upon days of narration.) The introduction of the AI robot, learning of the Paris Underground, and even finding out that perhaps some humans are traitors to their kind all weave into the story organically. It’s some of the best world-building I’ve seen in quite some time.

Thanks, Rob!