Kill All Monsters! Reviews

A couple of nice reviews for Kill All Monsters! have appeared in the last week. That F’ing Monkey is a blog by Ken O, an online pal of mine who shares my love for all things Awesome. He likes the banter between members of the robot squad and compares Jason’s creature designs to Guy Davis’ work, which I totally see now that Ken points it out. High praise indeed.

Ken’s not critical about it, but he does point out that the story starts in the middle of the action and that there’s a lot to be revealed still about the characters and their story. I’ll address that in a minute, because it’s also brought up in the other review.

Robert Hood knows a thing or twenty-two about giant monsters. He’s an award-winning author who’s also edited three anthologies of giant monster tales. I’ve been reading his Undead Backbrain blog for years, so it’s a special thrill to see him mentionĀ Kill All Monsters! there.

Robert enjoys that the comic’s “crammed full with tentacles, stomping feet, urban rubble and kaiju action…[and] a heap of secondhand scrap metal created from various Parisian buildings.” Like Ken, he also mentions that there are a lot of unanswered questions and that he’s willing to wait for the answers.

For which I’m very grateful. Ken and Robert are both very patient and I hope that’s indicative of how most readers feel. By starting in the middle of a fight, we took a risk that readers would be engaged enough by the action that they’d stick around for the background details later. There have been clues dropped in the battle and by now you’ve seen the faces (though helmeted) and heard the names of each of the three pilots. There’s also enough information to piece together – as Ken has done – which pilot is operating which Bot.

But it really isn’t our intention to make readers work that hard. Answers are coming within the story, I promise. And for anyone who’s itching to learn more sooner, we’re working on some character profiles to give you some of those background details right away.