Kill All Monsters is taking a break, sort of

If you’ve already read this week’s installment of Kill All Monsters, you’ve seen the announcement. After six straight months of updating every single week (even on holidays), Jason and I need a little break from posting pages.

But NEVER FEAR! We aren’t taking a break from creating the comic and it will be back. It’s just that we’re starting to feel a little rushed and as we head into the second act of our story we want to make sure that it’s the best it can be. In other words, we just need a little breathing room that we haven’t been able to get on the schedule we set for ourselves.

When we come back, we plan to resume that schedule, but we’ll do so with a nice buffer and full confidence that we’re telling the story the way that it needs to be told.

In the meantime, I’ll continue updating this blog with The History of KAM, Jason’s process drawings, and any other giant monsters/robots goodies I find around the Internet. And of course this will be where we’ll announce details about KAM‘s return.

So stay tuned here, follow Jason and me on Twitter, or Like our Facebook page. However you like to stay in touch, we’re looking forward to lots more monster-killing with you.