Kill All Monsters is a comic set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the giant monsters have already won. Civilization has been all but destroyed and humanity has been driven underground, but hasn’t yet given up the fight. Operating out of a hidden temple in Africa, the Kill Team is a trio of pilots who use giant, robotic suits to take back our planet from the beasts that have overrun it.

Volume 1, Ruins of Paris, opens with the team’s first exploration into Europe where they find more monsters than they’ve ever encountered in one place, but also unlikely allies and a secret that will change the war forever.

Kill All Monsters began life as a free webcomic and the first few chapters are still available for viewing in that format. The print collection of Volume 1 will be published by Alterna Comics and is scheduled to arrive in stores in June 2013 and will also be available for mobile devices via comiXology around that same time.

Michael May is best known for writing about comics for Comic Book Resources’ Robot 6 blog and School Library Journal’s Good Comics for Kids blog. He’s written short stories for several anthologies, but Kill All Monsters is his first long-form work.

Jason Copland has drawn short comics stories for a variety of anthologies and one-shots, including Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened, Trickster: Native American Tales, and TheĀ Perhapanauts: Molly’s Story. This is Jason’s first long-form work as well.

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