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Kill All Monsters is coming to Dark Horse Comics!

Dark Horse Presents #12

Dark Horse Presents #12

Dark Horse’s solicitations for July are out, including the announcement of a Kill All Monsters story in Dark Horse Presents #12. As the first year of the relaunched DHP comes to a close, Jason and I are ecstatic to be part of the legendary anthology series. Having¬†Kill All Monsters published by Dark Horse is seriously a dream come true. I can’t even tell you how much without totally embarrassing myself.

This will be a brand new story, serialized over three issues and – for the first time ever – in FULL COLOR thanks to the breathtaking Bill Crabtree. Extraordinary Ed Brisson is still on the KAM team too, lettering the story.

The blurb for the issue also mentions that it’s “a tie-in to the Kill All Monsters¬†hardcover,” which is certainly true. That the hardcover is “on sale now” isn’t accurate though. We’re working on that and it’s going to be amazing, but it’ll be a while longer yet. We’ll keep you updated. For now, Dark Horse Presents is puh-lenty to be excited about.

One last thing. There are plans to collect the DHP story at some point, but not in color. If you want to read it that way (and you totally do, because I’ve seen the finished version and wow), the Dark Horse Presents issues are the way to do it.